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BOTOX for Crow’s Feet, Frown Lines & More…

Four Peaks Plastic Surgery is offering BOTOX— an FDA-approved protein that reduces unwanted facial lines and wrinkles. BOTOX injections are simple, non-surgical procedures that smooth deep and persistent lines in key areas of the face by relaxing the muscles that cause the lines to form — and keeping them relaxed for up to four months*. BOTOX treatments can be used to alleviate:

The results of BOTOX are typically apparent within days, and most patients are able to return to work and/or normal activity within minutes following BOTOX injections. In fact, more than 11 million women and men have experienced proven results. Now it’s your turn. Reverse the signs of aging and enjoy a firmer, more youthful look with BOTOX. Call 480-257-2670.

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Crow’s Feet

“Crow’s feet” are those tiny wrinkles that develop in the outside corners of the eyes. It is believed that these lines develop from years of muscle contractions required in smiling and squinting. Botox injections can help smooth over crow’s feet by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Patients may experience smooth skin around the eyes for up to four to six months following each injection. The use of Botox for crow’s feet received FDA-approval in September 2013.

Forehead Worry Lines

Do you have deep, furrowed wrinkles on your forehead? Do you feel like these “worry lines” make you look older than you would like to appear? If so, you’re not alone. Thousands of patients, in fact, have undergone Botox injections for forehead worry lines. This safe and effective procedure immobilizes the muscles beneath the skin on the forehead, eliminating (or reducing) worry lines for months at a time.


Think Botox is just for cosmetics? Think again. In 2010, the FDA approved the use of Botox injections for preventing headaches in adult patients with chronic migraine. Chronic migraine is defined as experiencing a headache at least 14 days a month. Patients with chronic migraine may undergo a series of Botox injections in the head and neck approximately once every three months.

Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyelids, puffiness, and “bags” under the eyes are common in many people – especially as you get older. At Four Peaks Plastic Surgery, many patients have their droopy eyelids corrected in a blepharoplasty procedure. For others, drooping eyelids are better treated through Botox injections. Your physician will provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision about correcting the appearance of your eyelids.

Frown Lines

Frown lines develop between the eyebrows as a result of repeated muscle contractions over a number of years. Botox injections have been successfully used for years in treating moderate to severe frown lines in adults. This procedure received FDA-approval in 2002. In clinical studies, physicians observed that this therapy produced significant improvements in 80 percent of patients at the 30-day mark.

Puckered Chin

A puckered, “pebbled,” or creased chin may bother some adults, as they feel it makes them look older. If you are unhappy with the shape your chin has taken on, you will be glad to know that Botox injections are commonly used to smooth the skin in this area. Botox injections for a puckered chin may improve skin for several months or more.

Neck Bands

“Neck bands” occur when the platysma muscle, which connects the chin to the base of the neck, loosens. This loosening is a normal part of the aging process. However, in some people, the muscle bulges out more prominently on one or both sides of the neck. Some adults may also develop lateral bands across the neck, which they may consider unattractive. The goal of injecting Botox into the platysma is that the muscles will be forced to relax enough so that they no longer bulge just beneath the skin. Your physician can tell you more about the use of Botox for neck bands.

11s Between Eyebrows

The “11’s” are two vertical wrinkle lines that sometimes appear between the eyebrows. (Some people may have three distinct wrinkles: “111’s.”) The FDA has approved the use of Botox for smoothing skin between the eyebrows and alleviating “11’s.” Many patients have seen great results with this therapy.

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