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Is Botox Right for Me? 3 Questions to Consider

Author: Burt Faibisoff, M.D., FRCS (C)

Botox: The “wonderdrug.” The “fountain of youth.” Unfortunately, Botox has been marketed – and, even worse – administered under the sway of these false notions. Sure, Botox is a powerful protein that has helped many men and women appear to be younger and feel better about themselves. However, Botox may not be right for everyone. Before you convince yourself, “Botox is right for me,” consider a few of these questions.

#1 Are you up for a four to six month experience?

The effects of a series of Botox injections typically last four to six months. When injections achieve the exact look you were dreaming of, four to six months isn’t nearly long enough! If you’re dissatisfied with your post-Botox appearance, then half a year can seem like a long time to wait for things to return to normal. While we do our best to deliver the results you want, it’s important to be prepared for any outcome. If you have reservations about going “all in,” you may be able to receive fewer injections with less long-term risk.

#2 Do you understand the office’s Botox pricing structure?

There are two ways an office may charge for Botox injections. One way is charging by the area of the face or head. Do not consult with medical practices who claim to charge this way, as this approach to treatment is virtually never in the patient’s favor. Most all reputable providers charge by the unit. Multiple units are injected into an area of the face in a treatment session. Standard pricing can vary, usually ranging about $10 to $15 per unit, depending on where you live. Learn more.

#3 Have you been made aware of the side effects?

Relatively few patients experience side effects from Botox. However, for the few who do have side effects, they can be quite unpleasant. You and your provider should have an honest conversation about the potential side effects. This kind of conversation is a part of the standard responsible medical practices that we are committed to here at Four Peaks Plastic Surgery.

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