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How to Emotionally Prepare for Plastic Surgery

Author: Burt Faibisoff, M.D., FRCS (C)

Though cosmetic surgery affects the body’s appearance, it’s often done for self-confidence and psychological reasons. As the saying goes, when you look great, you feel great. Here at Four Peaks Plastic Surgery, I help patients prepare for cosmetic surgery in both the physical and emotional sense. As you consider and prepare for plastic surgery, use these guidelines to take care of your inner self.

Step One: Prepare Yourself Physically

In order to prepare for plastic surgery, you need to (1) quit smoking, (2) be within your desired weight range, and (3) have no life-threatening disease or condition that may interfere with the recovery process. Go ahead and address these physical issues first, and you will be free to focus on the necessary emotional preparations for cosmetic surgery.

Step Two: Evaluate Your Goals

Why do you want to have the operation? What are your goals? How realistic are they? I recommend patients take some time to themselves and write down these goals and expectations. Talk with a close friend or spouse about why you want to have the operation.

Step Three: Ask Your Surgeon for Advice

Nobody has dealt with patient’s anxieties and concerns more than your surgeon. Take advantage of his/her experience. You should feel free to ask for resources that can help you navigate the emotions that are involved as you prepare for cosmetic surgery.

Step Four: Make Arrangements for Immediate Post-Op Care

The 2-4 days following a major operation are tough. You can make it a lot easier for yourself by preparing meals in advance and/or coordinating a meal schedule via your friends and family. Go ahead and stock up on books, TV shows, medications, and other supplies you might need during this time.

You may want to keep the journal you used to outline your goals and expectations of plastic surgery. Reviewing these items can help you keep your eyes on the end-goal instead of on the immediate, short-term discomfort.

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Please consult with your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.



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