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7 Tips Successful Patients Use to Prepare for Body Contouring

Author: Burt Faibisoff, M.D., FRCS (C)

If you’ve experienced weight loss through bariatric surgery, then you may have turned your attention to body contouring surgery (also referred to as a body lift). Preparing for body contouring can be challenging. Having guided many patients through this process, here’s what I’ve seen the most successful patients do to prepare.

#1 Stabilize your weight. Most likely, you already know that you have to drop down into your ideal weight range before you have body contouring surgery. But there’s more to the weight issue. Once you have the procedure done, you should not continue to lose significant weight, as this will only result in more sagging.

#2 Keep all your physicians in communication. It’s very important to me that I know your bariatric surgeon (if you’re pursuing body contouring after weight loss surgery). The most successful patients have received approval from their bariatric surgeon before seeking out a body contouring surgeon.

#3 Stay healthy. The recovery process after body contouring surgery is challenging. Successful patients develop good diet and lifestyle habits in advance. In addition to diet and exercise changes, smokers should quit smoking as soon as possible.

#4 Prepare for body contouring when stress levels are low. This is not the kind of surgery you want to go into when you’re under physical or emotional stress. Your body will need its energy and strength during the recovery process. If you have recently experienced significant life changes, you may wish to wait until things have returned to normal.

#5 Ask questions from past patients! The internet is full of forums and blogs where body contouring patients discuss their experiences. Take advantage of these resources. Successful patients have usually done a lot of personal research on body contouring after weight loss.

#6 Build a support network. Recovery (from any major surgery) is always easier for patients who have friends and family to love and care for them. Getting emotional support is just as important as having someone to warm your meals and take out the trash in the first few days at home.

#7 Focus on end results. Lastly, great patients (and their supporters) have a positive outlook, even when the going gets tough. Remember why you chose to have this procedure in the first place – not for the immediate discomfort, but for the long-term benefit of looking and feeling great!

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